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The internet has become an extensively used tool by both businesses and private consumers alike.

Online Banking and Education Online

Everyday, countless transactions are made online, from banking to purchasing items at an online shop. Also, the internet connects billions of users world-wide via email, web-cam and social network sites. The world wide web also offers many possibilities to improve education by online-courses made available by universties and schools around the globe. News and cultural phenomenons are spread from one end of the world within seconds. All the user needs to connect to the internet is a laptop or PC and a service provider granting internet access. These providers often use telephone or cable access as well.

Global Communication Network

The idea of a global communication network had been existing for a long time; the first steps to actually realize the idea were made in the 1960s; the 1980s and especially the 1990s saw the internet explode globally, with consumers eager to try the „new“ technology. The fast growth of the internet was accompanied by the so-called“ bubble“. The term refers to the rise and demise of the many online businesses that were founded between 1990 and 2000.

One of the internet’s key-functions used by consumers nowadays is the search for information on the net; therefore, there is a variety of so called „search engines“, which enable the user to find information or pictures regarding their topic of interest within split seconds. Another important or popular form of using the internet are the so-called „blogs„; often replacing a private diary and thereby a mean to publicly share one’s private opinions without censorship.

Presenting your business

Regarding cooperations and businesses, one of their focus points regarding internet use is presenting themselves and their enterprise on their own homepage and gathering relevant contacts as well as providing online customer care for their clients.


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