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In today’s world everything is connected, often even on an international level. Especially when it comes to trade and commerce, this is obvious to see. Goods are traded on a worldwide scale which results in nearly everything being available everywhere in the world. What has begun decades ago has in the meantime reached its peak… Read the Rest!

For many people all across the world, living and working in the United States of America is a long-nourished dream. The country of unlimited possibilities has always attracted people and every year thousands try to make their dreams come true and apply for green cards in order to get the permission to go and work… Read the Rest!

Since the new iPhone 5 has been presented, mobile technologies and the related apps are once more the number one topic on schoolyards, in offices and in households. For quite a long time already, smartphones have not solely been used for making phone calls or for typing sms. Checking one’s emails via one’s smartphone has… Read the Rest!

Ever since its introduction, the internet has facilitated our lives in many different ways. Almost every information is nowadays available on the world wide web. Many industry sectors have prospered thanks to the internet. Especially everything related to internet shopping has become quite successful as the statistics on e-commerce illustrate.


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