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Since the boom of the mobile phone technology in the 1990s, phoning at any time and from any place has become a routine. Depending on the provider, the individual contract and the demanded service, people have to pay their mobile phone charges regularly in order to stay connected. This can become very expensive if one… Read the Rest!

Everybody who is interested in the field of setting up and designing websites wants it. It is every programmer’s dream to be part of the team who constructed the very website who day after day reaches top click rates. But what are the sites that can claim the title of the ‘largest website in the… Read the Rest!

With the rise of interactive media and media costumization, what is nowadays known as broadcasting is changing its face significantly, to the point that it gradually drifts away from the literal meaning of casting and delivering information and entertainment broadscale. Modern TV User The modern and future user of TV and radio services demands to… Read the Rest!

Everybody is relatively concerned with the modern world of media. Media issues has increased continously in the second half of the 20th century. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the mass media and its strong influence. So nowadays we are connected to lots of more or less interesting news and information. You can be always up… Read the Rest!


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