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For every person or company running a website, traffic monitoring is a helpful and often vital tool. Traffic Monitoring The term traffic monitoring describes the analysis of the behavior of website visitors, which often is essential for optimizing and improving a website. Data provided by monitoring systems can include referring URLs, most-viewed pages, browser versions,… Read the Rest!

The term ‘research’ derives from the French word ‘recherché’ which means ‘to search’. ‚Research‘ is defined as the systematic search for any kinds of data with the goal to establish a certain level of information. Research Process The process of research usually consists of several separated steps: the discovery and interpretation of data which is… Read the Rest!

In times of financial crisis and increasing prices companies have a high interest in saving money and spending as little as possible. But this stands in a conflict with developing new ideas and helping employees improving their talents and skills. Company Workshops Due to competition in the individual markets all companies involved are facing a… Read the Rest!

The English word consulting is derived from the Latin „consultare“, which means to discuss, or to seek advice. The term can be used in everyday speech meaning to ask advice from somebody or to check up on some information. From a business point of view, consulting has become a major factor for success. Business Consultants… Read the Rest!


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