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Since the boom of the mobile phone technology in the 1990s, phoning at any time and from any place has become a routine. Depending on the provider, the individual contract and the demanded service, people have to pay their mobile phone charges regularly in order to stay connected. This can become very expensive if one calls somebody in a different country or has to talk on the mobile phone for a longer period of time; two situations which become more and more ordinary in a globalized world. One might think of communication from fixed phones as a solution for these purposes but even then the cost can be very high.

Thanks to technological progress, a new and more cost-effective service for these situations was developed. It is called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony. The term refers to communications services which are transported by the internet and not by the public-switched telephone network. Via a broadband internet access, a number of free or cheap VoIP services enable people to communicate online; an activity which has gained much importance in the first decade of the 21st century.
All people need is an internet connection at home or even on the mobile phone and an own account created with one of the service providers.

Combining internet and classic telephony

In order to make telephone and internet communication more convenient for the user, there are meanwhile phone packages which combine classic and modern technology. They include a fixed-line device and handsets for land-line calls and additionally guarantee an easy configuration of internet telephony with or without a fixed computer at home. In that way, it is possible to switch between ways of communication fast depending on the situation. An extra display in this connection even transports a picture of the communication partner into one’s home. For more information, click here.

Improved sounds

One disadvantage of IP telephony has been the rather reduced sound quality and connectivity. However, phones nowadays majorly employ a High-Definition sound technology which lessens distortions and gets the messages across clearly. This can be especially helpful in business conversations and telephone interviews with people speaking a different language.


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