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For many people all across the world, living and working in the United States of America is a long-nourished dream. The country of unlimited possibilities has always attracted people and every year thousands try to make their dreams come true and apply for green cards in order to get the permission to go and work there permanently.

For everyone who is toying with the thought of migrating to the United States, some of the crucial information is listed below. One may be eligible to apply for a green card due to a job offer, family, asylum or refugee status. Nearly everybody is entitled to apply for a green card, though certain requirements have to be fulfilled. In detail, one needs to

  • be admissible to the USA
  • have an immigrant visa at hand
  • be qualified for one of the immigrant categories (see the Immigration and Nationality Act for further information)
  • have an eligible and filed immigrant petition at one’s disposal

Furthermore, everyone applying for an immigrant visa needs to prove to consular officials that he or she is eligible for admission to the United States. Reasons for inadmissibility that lead to a denial of allowance can be multilateral and are often based on crime or health issues or other security-related aspects.

Taking part in a green card lottery

Another way to start a new life in the States is to take part in a green card lottery which can be done at this site for example. Every year 55,000 green cards are granted by the U.S. government, and in order to win one of them, not much preparation is required. However, there are two requirements that must be met before one is allowed to take part in the lottery.

  • Education: Either a minimum of two years of work experience during the past five years or at least twelve years of high school are necessary to make a claim on the green card in case one has won it. Those requirements don not have to be submitted beforehand but just in case one is among the winners.
  • Provenance: Besides people from Great Britain, citizens of all European countries are allowed to take part in the green card lottery. Of all the countries in the world, there are just 19 excluded from the lottery due to their already high immigration rate to the United States

Good chances of winning

Overall, the chances to win a green card are quite good, although always depending on the season and the number of people participating. Since the lottery is officially carried out by the US government, one can be sure that everything is handled in a correct and fair way. Furthermore, the above-mentioned website gives support in everything related to one’s application: One’s data is checked carefully and the application then forwarded to the authorities. A personal certificate then confirms that all the necessary procedure was handled correctly.


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