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Instant Access to Information

The internet is all about instant access and wide reaching access and there are various manifestations which are good examples of this, however none more than media on demand. Sites like Youtube, and I-Tunes have opened up the internet and stretched its ability as a spreader of information and data for all. They are distinctly different sites but nonetheless both are quintessential examples of what media on demand can achieve.

To pay or not to pay

A large attraction to the internet as a resource is the free access it gives to so much, equally it allows anyone to share what they want. Youtube adheres to both of these ideas, firstly in that none of its content requires paid subscription or one off payments, and secondly with the user friendly functions which allow people to upload anything at any time.

This can cause some security, copyright and censorship issues however the site works hard to prevent this firstly by classifying some content as for over 18s only which can only be accessed by users who have registered and stated their age to be over 18. They also have employees trawling their archives for certain types of content and offending material will be censored or removed.

At the other end of the spectrum are sites like I-Tunes which offer as much easy access, this time to music, but requires users to pay for content. It should be noted though that some free content is available. The power of such sites as these are still strong though, with almost as many people accessing paid-for media on demand as much as free media on demand.

These sites come close to the functions of internet shopping sites but they stand apart in the unique way in which they spread content as far and wide as there are interested parties who are willing to part with their cash for the privilege of downloading this media on demand content.


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