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In today’s world everything is connected, often even on an international level. Especially when it comes to trade and commerce, this is obvious to see. Goods are traded on a worldwide scale which results in nearly everything being available everywhere in the world. What has begun decades ago has in the meantime reached its peak with online shops enabling customers to purchase goods from all parts of the world and receive them within days.

Better internet connections as well as the ever rising popularity of smartphones and thus the mobile web have contributed largely to this phenomenon. It has even resulted in some online shops having higher sales volumes in comparison to local shops. It is highly probable that this development will further continue resulting in local shops having to broaden their offers and rely more and more on online chains of distribution as well as local sales.

Predictions for the U.S. online retail sales

Since more and more people do have smartphones and tablets at their disposal, the trend of ordering goods online is likely to go through the roof in the next years. Serious predictions state that the U.S. online retail sales will have reached $370 billion by 2017, which equals a compound rate of 10% per year. For companies specialized in the development of online shops this means that the U.S is one of the biggest markets in the world. Starting one’s business or opening a branch there is thus worth thinking about.

Living and working in the USA

To be allowed to run a business and to live in the states there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled. Whereas tourists visiting the USA for a limited time only need their passports and visa, in order to be allowed to work in the USA a green card is required. One can get a green card either by applying for it or go the easy and take part in green card lottery. Since the latter is the most stress-free way of getting it, everyone whose mind spins around the thought „I want to get my green card as soon as possible“ should definitely give it a try.


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