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Since the new iPhone 5 has been presented, mobile technologies and the related apps are once more the number one topic on schoolyards, in offices and in households. For quite a long time already, smartphones have not solely been used for making phone calls or for typing sms. Checking one’s emails via one’s smartphone has become the normal standard for many people. It doesn’t come as a surprise that smartphone and tablet PCs have become indispensable parts of many people’s lives. According to several studies, over two thirds of the people use their smartphones for business or for private matters. Every second respondent already makes use of a tablet PC.

Furthermore, people were asked about their consumer behavior. Apart from making calls (94%) and sending small messages (84%) using specific data services has become part of most people’s everyday lives. The survey also tried to shed light on the several different areas of operation which the average user carries out. The evaluation made it quite clear that for most people the smartphone has become a multifunctional tool since using the alarm clock, the organizer and MP3-functions are all deeply implemented in everyday-life.

Mobile technology over the last years – an overview

Apart from the expansion of the mobile internet during the last couple of years there were several other features which shaped the market for mobile entertainment to a great extent. Among these are:

  • Bluetooth 3 and 4: Bluetooth is a radio operation which enables the cordless messaging of data of all kinds from one mobile device to another.
  • Mobile widgets: The term mobile widgets includes various web applications based on technologies like HTML and JavaScript. It is possible, for example, to purchase products or services conveniently via apps. Various online shops already offer this kind of service to their customers.
  • Touchscreens: In the last couple of years, more and more displays with touchscreens have emerged. These enable intuitive handling of the phone via touch with the fingers.

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