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Everybody who is interested in the field of setting up and designing websites wants it. It is every programmer’s dream to be part of the team who constructed the very website who day after day reaches top click rates. But what are the sites that can claim the title of the ‘largest website in the world’?

Facebook Network

Surely one of the names that first come to mind by asking that question is “Facebook”. But with meanwhile more than half a billion users it still does not make it into the top three. Neither do other worldwide known websites like “eBay”, “amazon” or the “Wikimedia Foundation” which all are in the top ten, but still not good enough for place one, two or three. Even though all these websites are visited by hundreds of millions every day, there are still pages which attract even more visitors: advanced search engines. The former number one website “yahoo” only makes it to the third place with 580 million clicks per day.

Online Community – growinger fater every day

After the big concern missed the chance to adapt to the faster and faster growing online community, it was gradually superseded by the number two on the clicks-ranking list: Microsoft. The largest software company in the world also hosts the second most clicked websites. With 691 million people visit Microsoft-sites worldwide, every day. Although the sales numbers of Microsoft’s hardcopy products seem to have decreased through recent years, the success of their online business remains unchanged. The number one and therefore the largest website in the world also is the number two’s strongest competition in the online business world: Google.

Google is largest website in the world

The shooting star among all advanced search engines is the fastest growing webpage of the last ten years. Last year alone it grew by 157 per cent and reached the incredible mark of 844 million clicks – every day! The search engine’s success soon spread out to affect other branches of the company. With additional software like “Google Maps”, “Google Earth” or “Google Street View” the concern increased its online offer and thus the number of visitors to their sites. With no end in sight, the online market seems to keep growing exponentially. Besides the criticism Google recently has had to take all over the world, the company is the one that is to be tipped as the next year’s winner.


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